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Another bundle of assorted disjointed assets that you can use in any project , but has a lot of synergy with RPG style games made with Pyxel Edit. Contains:

1 .pyxel file with a separated background for ease of use. 

2 High Quality .jpg files - One normal scale, and one scaled up.


You can:

- You can use this asset for personal and commercial purpose. Credit is not required but would be appreciated. 

- Modify to suit your needs.

You cannot:

- Resell/redistribute this asset.

Updated 12 days ago


Buy Now
On Sale!
67% Off
$2.99 $0.98 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $0.98 USD. You will get access to the following files:

RPG Asset Pack 2.rar 229 kB

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Hi, I bought this in hte racial equality bundle but I can't seem to find where to download all the files in one... Sorry

Hit the button in the top right of the website to open the drop down menu. Click "My Library" When you get there on the left side hit "My Purchases" at the top of your purchases list you should see the option to select "Bundles" Click that and select the racial equality bundle from the list of bundles you've purchased. A very big list of items in the bundle you own will be there and you can search for this asset specifically in the search bar on the right. 

Thanks a lot!!

You're very welcome.

Could you add a png/jpg without the background? I don't have Pyxel Edit so right now the asset isn't usable for me, which is a shame cause I love the aesthetic. 

Updated! No background versions should be available :)

Awesome, thanks so much!

Sure thing!

(1 edit) (+3)

Is the font used in this pack custom or is it on normal word processors? If the latter, then which font was it?

I did all the text by hand actually, no font used. 

The readme links to the first bundle, Maybe fix that?

Fixed it, though i'm not sure it was the biggest issue? Lol Thank for the heads up though.

Do you have a font I could have to use with this ? I love how you made all the letters in this but I'd like to keep the same letters throughout my game if I end up using these assets.

If not could you make one, or even a couple? I'll buy it :D
I'd recommend using this website, it's super easy to make a font with.


Sure, I'll see if I can squeeze in some time to make a couple of matching fonts! It may take some time though!

That would be awesome :) No rush if you're busy though, I made a font of my own for the meantime

what is the resolution of these assets?

The normal image is 640x480. There's a scaled up version that is double that. A pyxel file is also included if you have pyxeledit to change size as you'd like.

One of the best asset packs I've ever bought!
Great work on this one :D